Activate Roku TV | How To Setup and Activate Roku TV

Activate Roku TV | How To Setup and Activate Roku TV

Activate Roku TV

Activate Roku TV

Roku Streaming Player is available worldwide as it is one of the best streaming Player and it also provides you almost best experience and it is also affordable to buy. It involves the excellent picture quality, good contrast and with excellent color quality. It includes top features. It is very simple to Activate Roku TV. The guidelines to Activate Roku TV is discussed as follows:-

  • Unpack Your Roku TV.
  • Please read the manual which came with the Roku TV and also read the setup guide which makes you understand it in better way.


You must have the active Internet Connection before proceeding with Activation of Roku TV and this is very essential before getting started with the Activation Part.


  • Power on the Roku TV.
  • Please make sure the indicating light on Roku TV is turned on.
  • By using the Power Button on Roku Remote just turn it on.
  • Roku Start up screen will appear on your Screen once it will be turn on.
  • Next you will see the Activation Screen after a short period of time on your Roku TV from where you can Activate Roku TV.
  • Choose the desired Language for your TV.
  • Just Scroll and Press OK button on your Roku Remote.
  • Just choose your country in next step.

How to connect Roku TV with Active Internet Connection?

It is very simple to connect the Roku TV with an internet connection. The steps to connect internet on your Roku TV are discussed as below:-

  • You have two options to connect internet with Roku TV. You can either connect it using Wired Connection (LAN) or you can connect is by Wireless Connection.
  • Wired connection can be done easily by connecting a LAN cable to your Roku TV. Once you connect the LAN cable to Roku TV you are good to go.
  • By using wireless connection, you must select the SSID or name of the connection from the menu over the screen.
  • After selecting the Network Connection, just enter the Password of your Network where Password must be case sensitive.
  • Just press the Connection option and your TV will get connected to your Router Automatically.
  • If in case you will not find your network name on Menu then please do it manually by choosing Manual option and providing the valid credentials of your network including Network name and Password.
  • After connecting to internet, it will show the Roku Activation Code on your Roku TV screen which you have to use either on your Computer, Laptop or Mobile.
  • Just open the link or on your device web browser and enter the Roku Activation Code there and click on submit button.
  • After that just sign up or sign in to Roku Account to Link the code with your Account.
  • In next window choose the desired channels wither free or paid upto your convenience.
  • You’re good to go now!

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